How the Service works

How the Service works

click on the online registration form and fill in as for your picture/s email then seperately to

This website is re-launching and more links will be added. ( update 30th  June 2014)

The aim of this service to to help and aid practicing or semi practicing  100% Sunni Aqidah Muslims.
(Aimed at Sufi oriented Muslims that follow or respect sufism, and Sufism is only a science of love of Allah and is part of  Classical 100% Sunni Aqidah)

Some who may follow the Islamic  Sunni science of Tasawwuf or called Sufism.

The aim is to help practicing muslims in the UK, E, USA and other western Muslims ( others may also join from other countries) to find like minded partners for marriage.

note its FREE to join the service but there is a donation to use the service please email or contact for futher information.

The paid service is currently discounted see paypal link above which is a 18 months ( 6 months free) service if you Join Now;  this  includes; a full consultation service and advice, on why you are are having problems with finding a life partner and how to go about looking; common mistakes made when looking for life partner and duas and guidance to how to find the the perfect life partner too, our service is to head hunt as well as assist on your behalf and find you a practicing Muslim inshallah.


Also attach a picture if you are male and this is a option for the sisters